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As a former County Attorney and prosecutor, Shurie R. Graeve, knows the system and how to make it work for you. 


When you have been cited or charged with a crime, you need an experienced attorney who will protect and enforce your rights.  With decades of courtroom experience and having prosecuted thousands of criminal cases, she knows how to make justice happen for you. 


You need an attorney who knows how prosecutors and law enforcement think and act. She knows their strategies and can anticipate their decision making, giving her the advantage  to build a strong defense. She leaves no stone unturned and will thoroughly analyze  the 'evidence,' the scene, the witnesses, and the experts and will listen to you and hear your concerns and needs.  


When you liberty is in jeopardy, you need an attorney you can trust. Trust in her experience and let her experience work for you.


In Nebraska if you have been convicted of a crime and lost your civil rights, including the right to bear arms, your rights can be restored by a pardon from the Board of Pardons.

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