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Conflict is inevitable, litigation is not.


Shurie R. Graeve is a qualified mediator who provides confidential and privileged evaluation of case strengths and weaknesses to parties and attorneys, resolves discovery disputes, facilitates settlement conferences, mediates and drafts parenting plans, and mediates civil disputes achieving a mutually agreeable resolution with the best possible outcomes for both sides. 


Shurie R. Graeve has been recognized as a Nebraska Supreme Court Office of Dispute Resolution mediator since 1994. As a law student, she helped draft Nebraska's initial statutes governing the practice of mediation and the conduct of mediators. Since then she has served as a mediator in Nebraska's Small Claims Courts, as an affiliate with Nebraska Supreme Court approved mediation centers, and in private practice. 


Experience matters when you choose a mediator to reach negotiated settlement, facilitated dispute resolution, or mediation. Shurie R. Graeve  has extensive experience reviewing contracts and litigating disputes. She has litigation and trial experience , civil and criminal, before both the bench and jury in over a dozen of Nebraska's counties.  She has appeared before the Nebraska Court of Appeals and Nebraska Supreme Court. Her extensive litigation experience and litigation practice transforms the practice and theory of mediation into successful resolution of a wide array of civil disputes from contract negotiation and interpretation to resolution of complex serious legal disputes. 


Shurie R. Graeve has been recognized for completing 90 hours of formal training in the theory and practice of conflict resolution techniques, including the mediation process, neutrality, agreement writing, ethics, and skills strategies, and advanced techniques for successful mediation in family disputes, child development, and the effects of divorce from the Nebraska Supreme Court Office of Dispute Resolution. Graeve is a Nebraska Supreme Court approved mediator and Guardian ad Litem.


Member of Nebraska Mediation Association.


The Firm handles mediation involving a diversified array of issues from family disputes to complex, serious legal problems between multiple parties. 

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