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Graeve Law & Mediation, L.L.C.'s sub-specialty is providing legal second opinions to clients concerned about whether or not their case is being handled in a manner that meets their legal needs or about the legal advice they received on behalf of their company or organization or how their lawyer is prosecuting or defending their case.


Before any major medical treatment, patients are accustomed to seeking a second opinion. Competent physicians routinely encourage referrals and sometimes insist upon second opinions. In the accounting field, independent auditors are utilized to verify the accuracy of financial statements. In litigation, however, clients choose a law firm to handle their case, sometimes they shop new cases to multiple firms, but once the case commences the firm has a monopoly over the 'diagnosis and treatment' of the litigation issues.


Second opinions can be attained at any point during the representation and does not mean you are hiring a new litigation team, but rather seeking a streamlined review of key issues.  


This second opinion can be sought privately with corrective  instructions being made by the client without the primary firm ever knowing they are being 'monitored' or the firm acts as  'monitoring counsel,' helping the primary firm make sure your wishes are being carried out.  Competent attorneys welcome insight.


When clients realize it may be in their best interest to receive a second opinion from a firm they can trust and rely upon, they seek Shurie  R.. Graeve's  decades of experience from both inside the courtroom and the boardroom. 


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