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Shurie R. Graeve                                                                   (402) 393-0307

Experience that matters: 

                                                County Attorney

                                                Public Defender


                                                Business Owner

                                                Community Leader

                                                Attorney at Law & Mediator.

Shurie R. Graeve knows the system and knows how to make the system work for you.

The Firm's founder, Shurie R. Graeve, is a former County Attorney who served as the county’s chief legal advisor, serving as the equivalent of in-house counsel to the Board and Officials, chief law enforcement officer, prosecutor, and coroner.   She has served the legal profession for over two decades and has the recognition of her peers in the legal community. 


Shurie  R.  Graeve's  25 years of experience includes successfully representing clients who need advocates as experience as a sole practitioner, an associate attorney, small business counsel, and elected official.


Shurie R. Graeve has represented corporate, individual, and government clients throughout Nebraska. Her diversified knowledge base helps guides client's decisions and protect their interests in and out of the courtroom. Shurie R. Graeve is a trial attorney focused on results, defending your legal interests and rights every time.  


Shurie R. Graeve received her Juris Doctor from Creighton Law School. She received her Bachelor in Arts, magna cum laude, from the University of Nebraska at Omaha and was recognized  and certified by the University's Honors Program, completing an honor's thesis. She is a Millard North High School  alumni.  

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